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Seattle’s number one recreational marijuana dispensary. Browse our menu of over 45 strains of premier cannabis flowers, joints, concentrates, and edibles. And be sure to check out our wide selection of new glass, grinders, and vapes.

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Hands down best Recreational shop I've been to. They're pricing points are awesome and beyond competitive with other shops. They have great staff, all of which are quite knowledgeable, and have greattach product. Definitely worth the 5 stars.


They have lots of great products and the location is the most convenient thing ever. I shop there about once a week and they always have exactly what I'm looking for. Plus I share a birthday with the guy who works there, and that Corgi is just the biggest sweetheart, I've gotta find out its name the next time I go.


I shop at American Mary about once a week or more... It is absolutely the best shop in this part of town! They make you feel right at home! They tell you what's the best, and what's alright... If they've got it you can expect it to be pretty damn good! They have high standards! Enjoy this shop! It's great!


Low key, this is prolly the best rec shop in seattle. I've bought from all of the more popular ones (and local delivery folks) and this place beats them out. Frankly, weed is weed is weed, but there's something about having a solid neighborhood shop free of crowds, lines, and the like. Nice, chill environment and staff.


So glad that Wallingford/U-District has it's own recreational marijuana shop! I stopped in just to look around and I am glad that I did! The shop has a very relaxing and inviting vibe; allowing customers to browse at edibles, flower or glass freely! The pricing is some of the best I've seen in the city, with some grams as low as $11 per gram! The staff is very friendly and experienced; coming from 3 years of medical marijuana background at The Source Pioneer Square! American Mary will definitely be my new recreational shop of choice when in the Seattle Area!


Went in after I had some Dicks Burgers and thankfully it had AC cause it was super hot out. Nice set up and cool glass to look at while I waited to pick out my stuff. I picked out a gram of Cinex and it was pretty good, had nice flavor and decent in strength. For a recreational store I would recommend it.