We’re big fans of dabbing at American Mary, and even bigger fans of the Harlem Globetrotters…who’ve been known to do a different kind of dabbing. If you’ve never seen the Globetrotters, you need to. They’re an exhibition basketball team that’s been around since the 1920s, combining tricky b-ball wizardry with comedy. If you’re a child of the 1970s, you might remember their cartoon.

Are you ready to put dabbing together with basketball for a super crazy afternoon in February? You can be high, amazed and laughing – in just three easy steps. Mark your calendars!

Step 1

Swing by American Mary weed shop in Wallingford to pick up some concentrates for one of the strongest and purest pot products you can get.

Here are a few of the best-rated strains for dabbing:

  • Peppermint Cookies Honey Lava Dippin’ Dabs – $22/.5g
  • Gelato Honey Crystal Live Resin — $55/1g
  • Liberty Reach JuJu Joint PURE Memory Loss — $45/.5g
  • Soulshine Blackberry Essential Sugar — $40/1g
  • Gorilla Glue #4 Rosin — $24/.5g
  • Remedy 69% CBD — $40/1g

Plus a few suggestions for cartridges:

  • Afghani Distillate — $40/.5g
  • Blue Dream Co2 Oil — $40/.5g
  • Dutch Hawaiian Co2 Oil — $35/.5g
  • Harlequin CBD Co2 Oil — $35/.5g

Step 2

Learn the dance move. Rumor has it that ‘the dab’ originated from the physical reaction to dabbing marijuana. And then check out some Harlem Globetrotters videos on YouTube.

Step 3

Get high AF and go see the Harlem Globetrotters at Key Arena, on February 18th at 2pm.

American Mary in Wallingford is Seattle’s highest rated pot shop. Browse our menu for the best selection of hybrid, concentrates, edibles, preroll, topical, and marijuana gear.

Are you new to dabbing? Learn how to dab cannabis concentrates when you check out this step-by-step dabbing tutorial from Leafly.

For some dabbing humor, check out the hilarious response from a few Seattle Seahawks when a reporter asks them: “Do you guys dab?”

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