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In the age of the internet, it seems like there’s always some new National New Pair of Socks Day or International Walk on Your Hands Month. And, let’s face it, some of these themed days and months are pretty silly, but some are truly causes to celebrate. Let’s take March. Yes, this March, the March in which we are currently in. This very March is National Noodle Month, and lucky for us in Seattle, we are near some of the best noodle joints in the Pacific Northwest.

Just down the street from American Mary, Wallingford’s premier recreational marijuana supplier, right on The Ave in the University District, is a fairly new, incredibly delicious, blink and you miss it establishment – The Silk Road Noodle Bar. With solid reviews and an extensive menu, you’re won’t go wrong if a steaming bowl of noodles in broth in the U District is what you crave. Be advised, the menu is in Mandarin, so if that isn’t your native language, you’ll want to have a chat with your server to find the best bowl for your buck.

Maybe soup isn’t what you’re craving? Never fear, after hitting up American Mary’s extensive selection of legal pot goodies, you can take a trip a few further blocks into the U District and settle in at Xi’an Noodles. Another unassuming Ave restaurant, these painstakingly made-by-hand noodles are what the Seattle Times calls “some of the very best” in the city. Don’t leave without trying a dish with some spicy numbing sauce, it’s a taste sensation you won’t soon forget.

And, finally, we’re fudging a little, but if you make the jaunt over to University Village, you’ll find the mecca of upscale dumpling heaven – Din Tai Fung. Now, you’re gonna have to wait to be seated, sometimes over an hour when it’s slammed, but lord is it worth it. Hand-crafted dumplings, steamed buns, delicate doughs and handmade noodles. We’d be remiss not to strongly suggest supplementing your noodle trip with some soup dumplings, but whatever you choose, you’ll definitely want to enhance your appetite with some good good greenery from American Mary.

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