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One of our favorite things to do after indulging in some of Washington’s finest legal marijuana options, is to catch a live show. You know that friend in college who wouldn’t shut up about how much better everything was “on weed”? Well, aside from his probably needing a shower, he wasn’t wrong when it came to live music events. There are few greater joys in this life than getting baked and listening to a band pour out their energy for a gathered crowd. It’s an experience that’s difficult to explain, but one, if you’ve been there, you know is almost impossible to match.

Right down the street from American Mary, Wallingford’s favorite provider of recreational pot, is another Seattle hot spot, and one of our personal favorite venues to see live music – Seattle Theater Group’s The Neptune. And The Neptune is hosting three super-hot, don’t want to miss ‘em acts in the month of March.

Up first on Saturday, March 18th is the Japandroids. One part classic rock, one part punk, the Japandroids put on one hell of a live show. You may have seen them perform the title track from their new album “Near to the Wild Heart of Life” on the Late Show with Stephen Coblert earlier this month, and if that video is any indication, the show is going to be a pulse-pounding good time. We suggest pairing this energetic rock with a tasty sativa like Green Crack for $13/g or 3.5g of Jacky White for just $45.

Next we have the Scotland-born, melodic grunge power-pop quartet, Teenage Fanclub kicking out the jams on Friday, March 24th. Pulling from influences like the Beatles, the Flying Burrito Brothers, Big Star and Badfinger, you might know Teenage Fanclub from their earworm Sparky’s Dream. Don’t forget to spark up with some solid hybrids like Dark Matter for $16/g or Washington Glue for $15/g.

Rounding out the month of March is The Growlers on Saturday the 25th. This psych-pop outfit from Orange County California made waves with their reverb-laden surf rock, and if the Going Gets Tough, we recommend taking it extra easy with some indica’s like 9lb Hammer for $12/g or an eighth of Strawberry Fields for $50 and riding that mellow all through the night at The Neptune.

With so many great live shows happening all the time in Seattle, it’s difficult to pick favorites, but with these three acts and some herbal enhancement from American Mary, you’re sure to get down with the groove this March.

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