Marijuana Monday's

15% Off Four Eights

Visit our Grower's! A new grower every week, showcasing their latest and greatest. 15% off of two quarters / 10% off select grower product.

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10% Off Cartridges

Every Tuesday, stop by for 10% off all CO2 cartridges and refills; we stock a huge selection including all the most popular and best-rated brands!

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"Wax" Wednesdays


It's Hump Day! If you need encouragement to make it all the way to Friday, how about 15% off all dabbable concentrates?

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Thirsty Thursdays

10% Off Drinks

Happy hour doesn't have to be at a bar; grab some friends and create your own every Thursday at American Mary. Replenish those critical fluids with 15% off all cannabis-infused beverages!

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10% off all edibles

Buy one edible and choose one for 20% off or,...pick any edible for 10% off!

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"Shatter" Day

10% off premium dabs

Save 10% off premium dabs and specialty dabbable concentrates all day, every Saturday. This is primetime weekend time, make the most of it.

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Sunday Funday

Dealers choice - pick any of our daily deals!

It's whatever you want - any of our daily deals, your choice!

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