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Locals were reveling during the spectacular fireworks show at Seafair Summer Fourth at Gasworks Park this last Monday. As of Tuesday, everyone is back to work and feeling the red, white and blues. To ease your mind and mood, listen to this showcase of Blues legends and pair with any product from American Mary’s superior cannabis selections.

Champagne and Reefer – Muddy Waters

Muddy Waters birthed the sound of contemporary Chicago blues. Twangy acoustics meet the velvety rich voice of this late and great legend in a track that begs self-indulgence. One feels perched at each lull in the melody – waiting for the next string to be struck. We all have a little Muddy in us. When you’re feeling the blues put this on, pack a bowl and appreciate the true backbone of American rock and roll.

Born Under a Bad Sign – Albert King

Groovy riffs skate alongside telling vocals; the cusp of the decade can be heard in certain characteristics of this late-60s number. Alongside Freddie and B.B. King, Albert was known to be among the three Kings of blues guitar. He was an impeccable guitarist and musician, enlisted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2013.

I Can’t Quit You Baby – Otis Rush

This song is to be paired with your favorite strain. There are thousands in the Washington market alone, but we all have one whose effects and flavor profile are such a good fit it’s hard to even think of trying something new. Take a note from Rush this month and adapt; experiment with a strain or two you have yet to approach.

Mannish Boy – Muddy Waters

The initial anticipation felt during the heavy build of this track is followed by a cut-loose hook and throaty growl. Spark a blunt filled with a full indica and bask in the resonance that is authentic American blues.

Worry, Worry – B.B. King

Almost twenty percent of the American population suffers with a clinically diagnosed anxiety disorder. (Source: National Institute of Mental Health) Don’t worry, worry – be happy! Strains that have been shown to promote euphoria and relaxation are Strawberry Cough, Northern Lights and Cannatonic. Step into American Mary and allow one of our educated associates to guide your purchasing decisions to a product that will kick the blue right out of you.

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