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SketchFest Seattle is the world’s original sketch comedy festival. With an established reputation, it brings the best and most original comedy from around the world. At American Mary, we want to amplify your belly laugh with these giggle-inducing strains for SketchFest.

american mary weed near sketchfest noble farms xj 13

Noble Farms — XJ-13

XJ-13 by Noble Farms is a sativa-dominant hybrid notorious for its euphoric buzz. The hybrid cross of Jack Herer and G13 Haze, this strain has a strong citrus aroma accented by earthy pine notes. XJ-13 is a surefire strain to make you smile during standup.

american mary weed near sketchfest green haven blue magoo

Green Haven — Blue Magoo

Blue Magoo by Green Haven Farms is a hybrid with one helluva body high. It’s got a sweet blueberry flavor and the effects will leave you speechless. Literally. Blue Magoo will get you so stoned you can’t hold a convo, which doesn’t matter, unless you’re the comedian performing!

american mary weed near sketchfest sweet as cannabis black jack

Sweet As! — Black Jack

Black Jack by Sweet As! is crossed with Ace of Spades and Jack Herer. This sativa has a clean, fresh flavor with slight citrus undertones. Black Jack is an energetic, clear-headed high. We think it’ll make any SketchFest jokes just a little more funny.

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