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Emerald City Comic Con is almost here! March 2nd through 5th at the Washington State Convention Center, This year’s conference includes guests like Anna Silk (Lost Girl) and Alice Cooper (Rock and Roll Hall of Famer) and a few stars from Star Trek and S.T.A.R Labs, Image Comic founder and Spawn creator Todd McFarlane, Robert Kirkman of The Walking Dead and Invisible & Outcast fame, a tribute to Carrie Fisher, and loads more. Are you ready to let your freak flag fly?

Get the fun started by geeking out over a few super strains for Comic Con. Stop by American Mary in Wallingford, Seattle’s highest rated marijuana shop, where you’ll find over 45 strains of top-rated cannabis, seven days a week!

Here are a few of our favorites to help make this a most surreal event:

  • AV Dark Matter – 14.98% THC – starts at $16/1g
  • AV Planet X – 15.01% THC – starts at $16/1g
  • CG Aliens on Moonshine – 4.67% THC pre-roll – $9/1g
  • GH Thor – 25.4% THC – starts at $12/1g
  • JN King Kong Kush – 26.55% THC – starts at $12/1g
  • SOG Space Dream – 20.74% THC – starts at $15/1g

While you’re at it, why not keep your power pack full of edibles? This way, you can stay high on the sly — and have gifts on hand for when you fanboy or fangirl out over someone.

  • BS: 12 mg Hybrid Fan Chocolate — $12
  • DB3: 30 mg Zootblast — $30
  • EE: Happiest Self Spray — $30
  • GE: 10 mg Cloud Bars — $6

The Emerald City Comic Con website has been slow AF, so here are a few direct links to things you might be looking for:

And if you’re dressing up – be sure to post a photo of yourself in the comments below!

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