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The summer countdown has ended! Solstice has come and passed this week. June is almost behind us, and the essence of freshly mowed lawns and barbecues fills Washington’s air. One other scent wafting through the Seattle air is that skunky smog you know and love. Make your summer better with one of our picks for top weed near UW.

top shelf flower top weed near uw june 2016

Grandaddy Purple by Top Shelf is comprised of a unique cannabinoid profile. Consumers love this strain for its gorgeous violet and emerald hues, sweet taste and relaxing effects. Pick up the Purp at American Mary tonight, smoke a little, and Uber yourself on over to the premiere of Independence Day: Resurgence for an experience that will be out of this world.


green heavne top weed near uw june 2016

At Molly Moon’s, the warmer the weather, the longer the line. Before you grab your next cone from their location on North 45th Street, stop half a mile down the way at American Mary first to pick up this complimentary strain to any sweet treat. Strawberry Banana Sherbet by Green Haven is a 70/30 indica, ideal for a summer stroll or a round of golf in the sun.


oleum top weed near uw june 2016

7/10 is around the corner, and every authentic Seattle stoner has oil on the brain. Oleum produces a fine assortment of hydrocarbon extractions, including Sherbet, Animal Cookies and Platinum Girl Scout Cookies. All three of these waxes are high in Caryophyllene, which is a terpene also found in cloves, rosemary and hops.


koala canyon top weed near uw june 2016

Koala Canyon’s goal is to produce top-of-the-line cannabis, with special attention to promoting exceptional THC/CBD ratios in their flowers. Cinex, Platinum Girls Scout Cookie, DJ Short’s Blueberry and Purple Trainwreck are all hybrids. Mellow out by tossing a frisbee around or begin a creative project with one of these equable hybrids. 

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