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Top Weed Near UW — September 2016

Summer’s almost over, leaves are turning orange and school is back in session, so how about filling your lungs with something besides the crisp fall air? The top weed products near UW for September are flower by Sunshine Farms, cake icing extract by Dabtstract and CBG tincture by Ethos. Read all about them below.

Sunshine Farms — Gorilla Glue

We’re still stuck on this industry classic. Gorilla Glue by Sunshine Farms is a solid indica testing at 36.5 percent THC, and it’s got a strong diesel flavor. While the bud structure has fluffier nugs and broad water leaves, this Gorilla Glue is covered in crystals. We love to smoke Sunshine Farm’s munchie-inducing Gorilla Glue before diving into Dick’s burgers.

Dabstract — Blueberry Cinex Cake Icing

Dabstract’s Cake Icing line really is the icing on the cake when it comes to extracts. Their Blueberry Cinex has the consistency of dense butter, and this hybrid tests at 72.78 percent cannabinoids and a whopping 5.44 percent terpenes. The sweet, fruity flavor of Blueberry Cinex makes it ideal for any time of day.

Ethos Innovates — Happiest Self Tincture

Find your happiest self, not your highest self, with Ethos Innovates’ Happiest Self tincture. This high CBG tincture is made with full flower CO2 extract and St. John’s Wort, and customers can easily microdose Happiest Self with only two sprays. Spray it on food or under your tongue, and you’ll be on your way to becoming your happiest self.

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