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Surprisingly close to American Mary, the University District Street Fair is an inspiring Seattle attraction packed with locals.  This tradition was created 45 years ago and has turned into so much more, with markets in seven districts offering everything from Chinese meditation seats to shadow art.

University District Street Fair


The only thing more captivating than the giant “Street Closed” sign overlaying the barrier on University Ave and 50th St is the wafting smell of sweet, sweet corn as one approaches. Food trucks parked alongside the event and eateries like Morsel and Potbelly dotting the Ave ensure that no one goes home hungry.



University District Street Fair Home Decor

If your house is feeling bland, spice it up with unconventional housewares and home decor, like a Zafu seat cushion or air plants! 



Did you know that there are more summer birthdays than any other season? Don’t be a “belated birthday” friend–be ahead of the game. Stock up on all of the unique hand-crafted gifts your heart desires at booths featuring bohemian jewelry, responsibly-made apparel and local art!

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