Hempfest has been a Seattle tradition for 25 years, and over that quarter century, the founders of “the undisputed King of Protestivals” have seen a gigantic shift in the country’s attitude toward marijuana.

And while American Mary’s budtenders are all for having a good time, around Hempfest, it’s important to remember that while we have it great up here in the Evergreen State, plenty of cannabis fans around the country can’t say the same. To help celebrate this milestone, there will be six stages hosting speakers from every corner of cannabis culture, from the political, to the medical, to the culinary.

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Because while many outside the community might regard it as all fun and games, Hempfest is primarily a political event, with a platform which serves as a call to action. This year, that platform is calling for important changes in the way law enforcement handles cannabis, including removing Marijuana from the Federal Controlled Substances Act, legal home production, and perhaps most importantly, the immediate release of persons incarcerated non-violent cannabis offences. There are also provisions mandating protections for workers who legally use flowers, extracts or edibles, permitting the establishment of cannabis cafes, and ending discriminatory zoning laws which keep cannabis businesses out of established retail zones. Additionally, Hempfest is also advocating the banking industry stop its systematic refusal to allow cannabis merchants access to safe, reliable financial services. For consumers, that means better, more convenient access to their favorite products, which is something American Mary will always support.

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Of course, like any large festival, there will be a bevy of food trucks, arts and crafts vendors, and musical performances, but that’s all second to the goal of making access to cannabis safe and legal across the country. We’ll see you there!    
The suggestion donation to enter Hempfest is $10. For a complete listing of everything happening at 25th Annual Hempfest, head to the official site.

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