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It’s still early in the season, but the Seahawks sure are off to a great start!

While Pete Carroll and company sustained a loss to the newly minted Los Angeles Rams back in September, they’re currently first in the NFC West, and everyone at American Mary is hoping they’ll keep the streak going when they face the Atlanta Falcons this Sunday. Because regardless of what area of the city we’re in, be the University District, Belltown, Capitol Hill, or Ballard, it’s never hard to spot a 12th Man flag, and we love to see the Emerald City united behind its Hawks!

So in honor of Seattle’s devoted fans, we’ve put together this list of 12 great strains for football fanatics.

sweet as cannabis 12 strains for the 12th manNeville’s Haze — Sweet As!

This potent, sativa-dominant hybrid strain won the Cannabis Cup—basically, the Super Bowl of weed competitions—way back in 1998, when legal recreational marijuana was still a pipe dream. Fortunately, that dark time is behind us, but Neville’s Haze hasn’t lost any of its sparkle, and will still hit you as hard as the Seahawks defense. Expect heavy pine and citrus notes from this longtime local favorite.


noble farms 12 strains for the 12th manHeadband — Noble Farms

Headband’s dense, crystal-covered buds promise impressive effects, and the smooth smoke doesn’t disappoint. Since it’s an indica-dominant strain, couch lock can be an issue, but fans of earthy, sweet weed swear by Headband, and we think it’s great for kicking back and watching football. But honestly? You could probably watch paint dry after a session with Headband and be totally content with the entertainment.


avitas ag 12 strains for the 12th manStrawberry Fields — Avitas

Another indica-dominant strain, Strawberry Fields unsurprisingly tastes like its namesake fruit, and delivers a long-lasting, high that’ll keep you mellow even if the refs seem to be actively working against the Seahawks. So embrace the relaxation, savor the fruity flavor, and head out for your own magical mystery tour of your couch and kitchen. You might misunderstand some of the stuff you see, but you’ll be fine.


sunshine farms 12 strains for the 12th manPhantom Cookies — Sunshine Farms

Phantom Cookies is the result of crossing Cherry Pie and Granddaddy Purple, and its bright orange hairs make it stand out even before you toke up. We love the earthy, oak notes of this lovely sativa-dominant strain, as well as the energy and creativity it seems to promote. You’ll be ready to tear into some game-day snacks after smoking this popular Sunshine Farms strain, so make sure the fridge is well-stocked.


top shelf premium 12 strains for the 12th manMiddle Fork — Top Shelf

If you warmed up for Sunday football with a game of touch ball in the park, you might want to reach for Top Shelf’s Middle Park, as Seattle cannabis consumers love its profound body high, which tends to take the edge off aches and pains. By the time you settle in to watch the professionals take care of business, you be  back in fighting shape, even if the only conflict on your plate is a battle over the last nacho.


perma green 12 strains for the 12th manAK-47 — Perma Grin

While the name might suggest an this bud is a pretty aggressive smoke, Perma Grin’s wicked strong strain is a pacifist that won’t leave your lungs feeling like they’ve been subjected to an act of war.  And since it’s a sativa-dominant hybrid, couch lock won’t be a problem either. The sweet, citrus-heavy flavor and pronounced effects have made AK-47 a customer favorite at our Seattle pot shop, and we never hesitate to recommend it.


moani naturals 12 strains for the 12th manHawaiian Dream — Moani Naturals

If you find yourself full of anxiety during tense moments on the gridiron, Moani Natural’s Blue Dream-based hybrid might be just the ticket. Its high CBD properties will keep you from biting your nails or stressing over the coaching staff’s play calls, so you’ll be able to enjoy the ups and downs of game day on a nice even keel. You’ll also stay sharp as a tack mentally, so you might find yourself planning a trip to the Big Island after a couple tokes.


20161006-dsc_0243Platinum Girl Scout Cookies — Dutch Brothers Farms

Even from across the room, the dense coating of shiny trichomes on Dutch Brothers Farms’ Platinum Girl Scout Cookies makes it easy to see this product is something special. Three different strains—including OG Kush, Durban Poison, and a mystery variants—were bred to produce its characteristically spicy, fruity flavor, and it’s long been a favorite of stoners afflicted with migraines. If football gives you a headache, this is the strain for you.


green haven 12 strains for the 12th manSaigon Haze — Green Haven

American Mary’s budtenders compare toking Green Haven’s Saigon Haze to smoking a cup of coffee. This super sativa will instantly elevate your mood and make you feel ready for anything, so if you won’t have the luxury of lounging around all day in a post-game stupor, look no further. Regardless of what happens on the field, Saigon Haze will keep you ready to rally and tackle anything you need to get done.


green haven 12 strains for the 12th manHusky — Green Haven

American Mary is the best place to get weed near the University of Washington, so it’s no surprise a strain called Husky would be a popular pick. And while plenty of students might initially select it to feel true to their school, the supremely euphoric effects and leisurely high are what keep them coming back for more. Its worth keeping some of this strain around just in case you have a chance to see football in person at Husky Stadium.


avitas ag 12 strains for the 12th manDeep Space — Avitas

This pungent indica is the result of another three-strain breeding program, and if watching the Seahawks lose makes you feel like you want to vacate the planet, it’s a perfect choice.  Because while it features distinctly terrestrial notes of pine and earth, this flighty indica will have your mind spinning in the outer regions of the galaxy. So whether the game has you in agony or ecstasy, you can count on an interstellar experience.


koala canyon 12 strains for the 12th manGorilla Glue #4  — Koala Canyon

This hybrid of Chem’s Sister and Chocolate Diesel features earthy, sour notes, but it’s biggest distinguishing characteristic is that it’ll basically stick to the wall. Yup, this classic is called Gorilla Glue for a reason. It’s dense buds are absolutely loaded with resin, and its pungent aroma has an arresting, almost chemical punch to it. After a couple of hits, you’ll likely be stuck inside for the duration, so plan accordingly.

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