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The 20th annual Capitol Hill Block Party is next weekend and we love the lineup. Whether you’re getting cray with CHVRCHES or mellowing out to Clams Casino’s ambient beats, we’ve paired our best buds for the Capitol Hill Block Party.


CHVRCHES — Dutch Treat by Elevate Cannabis Co.
CHVRCHES blend of electro-pop, keyboard and synth vocals are guaranteed to make you dance, and we keep the groove going with Dutch Treat by Elevate Cannabis Co. This strong sativa has a sweet citrus aroma mixed with pine and eucalyptus notes, and provides a cerebral high perfect for CHVRCHES heady lyrics. Elevate’s Dutch Treat tests at 31 percent total cannabinoids, so you’ll really feel the beat.

Clams Casino — Cherry Pie by Noble Farms
Clams Casino’s ambient industrial sounds will mellow you out, which is why we pair it with Cherry Pie by Noble Farms. This indica has a light cherry flavor and smooth smoke, but tests at 24% total cannabinoids, so prepare for full body relaxation. It’s perfect for a weekend of block partying.

Odesza — Dutch Hawaiian by Topshelf
Odesza’s heavy beats and indie-electronic lyrics are a musical hybrid, so we’re pairing their set with Dutch Hawaiian, a hybrid by Topshelf, which has a pungent citrus aroma. We love this strain for its long-lasting high, so smoke up and enjoy the show!

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