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Kooky interpretative dance, anyone? Don’t knock it till you try it!

The Glimpse 3 Performance Installations are part of the presentation: The Glimpse Project: Nancy Stark Smith and the Underscore, and is running through Decemeber 18th as part of the Next Fest NW 2016: pastFORWARD, of which The Stranger has said, “If you’re wondering what’s about to come around the corner for new dance in Seattle, this is the place to look,” and Seattle Magazine called it: “A reliable source for predicting our next breakout dance stars.” You can still get tickets for shows on Friday, December 16th and Saturday, December 17th at Velocity Founders Theater (tickets below).

But wait, before you go. It’s a must. We have to break through here with some sage advice. Swing by American Mary, the Seattle pot shop that is currently getting so much attention for its premium product and reliable, well-stocked menu. Blaze up now, you’ll be happy you did once you get there because did we mention this performance art vibes off the audience in such a way as your observing of the two-hour performance in itself, becomes a part of the show? Ganja and Glimpse go hand in hand.

We’ve always loved the way live drama unfolds on stage where the actors thrive off audience reactions, but Glimpse takes this to the extreme. Described as “somewhere between a 3D moving art installation, a visit to the zoo, and your living room,” where “your observation is an essential part of the composition.”

In fact, audience members are invited into an intimate level of observation, to move about and watch from different places, to take some notes, and even to have a snack (they are provided, along with writing materials!).

The Glimpse project is the result of three weeks of workshops and dialogs, community performance scores and a performance installation, shared by a group of dancers under the direction of Nancy Stark Smith and Mike Vargas. The resulting ‘multi-phase dance improvisation’ this is based on is called The Underscore, and Nancy Stark Smith is the ground-breaking artist who conceptualized the entire movement. See Nancy explain the Global Underscore  in this video.

Are you ready for this? Get Glimpse Project: Nancy Stark Smith and the Underscore tickets here,  and don’t forget the ganja from American Mary!

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