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If you want to go all out, go big for New Year’s Eve this year, you can have a stadium-sized party with Resolution 2017 Seattle.

From 6:30 pm till the wee hours, this rager is hosted by USC Events and Giant Party: Resolution 2017 Seattletakes place at the WaMu Theater at CenturyLink Field. The dance/electronic lineup is insane. You will be thoroughly entertained and you may never be the same again after watching the mic drop with headliner Party Favor and some very not-too-shabby guests that include: Above & Beyond, Adventure Club, Yellow Claw, Tritonal, Brillz, Party Favor, Slushii, Botnek, Delta Heavy, Eptic, Sound Remedy, and Trampa. With a star-studded cast like this, you’ll never have a dull moment during your  last hurrah before hitting up the new year with your reefer resolution.

With so much fun to be had as 2016 winds down, don’t forget the holy grail—get your cannabis fix on pre-game at American Mary, the prudent choice and most revered Wallingford pot shop. If you’re looking for weed near UW, American Mary can hook you up with the most fabulous party strains to keep you properly energized, euphoric and stimulated until next year.

For your reefer resolution, commit to imbibing only the most virginal strains. We’d honor this with a few bong rips of model sativa citizen Sour Diesel. She will elevate you to higher ground where all will be right with the world as you’re transformed into a sage with new insights of all five senses. Taste, touch, see, smell and hear stimuli for the very first time. This new utopia will envelope you in its tingly, peaceful cloud as you find yourself re-energized with vitality. You’re connected to an entire community in the tens of thousands at Resolution 2017 Seattle. The significance doesn’t escape you as you juxtapose your physical space with the intangible reefer resolution you are certain to uphold forever and ever, Amen.

For more appetizing items from the aforementioned Seattle weed shop, take a peek at the American Mary Marijuana Menu here.

Learn more about Resolution 2017 Seattle here.

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Tip: Clear bags are admitted only, so leave the party favors behind!

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