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In the Seattle area, there’s never a dull moment. The largest city in the Pacific Northwest has tons to do at any given time of the year. With winter approaching, there are plenty of Seattle holiday events offering music and much more for locals to enjoy, and the neighborhood of Ballard is no exception as residents deck the halls for festive activities and celebrations of holiday cheer. Here are a few events in the area we’ve hand-selected, perfect for excursions alone, with a significant other, or after a kickback with some friends.


seattle holiday events Julefest


Hosted by the Nordic Museum in Ballard, Julefest shines the spotlight on all things “Jule” or “Yule”, offering a rich Christmas experience as the Scandinavians know it. Julefest offers a full bar of liquors from Northern European countries like Sweden and Norway, where Christmas is traditionally celebrated with a stronger beverage than eggnog. It’s one of several Seattle holiday events that can help you explore other cultures.

Our strain recommendation: Chocolate Orange is a delicious indica-dominant hybrid guaranteed to relax you for a mellow time outdoors.

A Festival of Lessons and Carols

If you’re looking for a thoroughly wholesome time this Christmas, the Festival of Lessons and Carols hosted every year in Ballard presents an interactive Seattle holiday event complete with classic festive music. Performed by the Northwest Boychoir, the vocals are accompanied by a live orchestra to heighten the holiday cheer.

Our strain recommendation: After beautiful music, no strain hits the spot like Sherbet, an indica-leaning hybrid that promotes a heavy glow of nerve-relieving bliss.

Evergreen Classic Jazz Band

seattle holiday events Jazz Band

Looking for something a little jazzier? The Evergreen Classic Jazz Band appears in Ballard every November to perform old-time compositions at the pleasure of the Puget Sound Traditional Jazz Society, offering an authentic glimpse into the world of professional jazz. If you’re interested in vibrant music with a rich history, the Evergreen Classic is here to serve you, and their annual appearance is a quite the snappy affair.

Our strain recommendation: Golden Pineapple, a fruity sativa, is an ideal strain for enjoying high-caliber music of any variety.

Vintersong Nordic Holiday Concert

So you didn’t get enough with Julefest — you want the full Scandinavian Christmas, no frills attached. The Vintersong Nordic Holiday Concert is your answer, with live music performed by actual Norwegians in full traditional instrumentation. Seattle’s cultural connection with the city of Bergen in Norway makes this winter extravaganza of sound possible for all Ballard residents to enjoy.

Our strain recommendation: Master Kush, a potent, cerebral indica that promotes a deeper emotional connection to art.

Noise 4 Toys

seattle holiday events Noise 4 ToysNothing better exemplifies the Christmas spirit than charity, and this Seattle holiday event allows everyone to give back in a small way this season. Every year, the organizers behind Noise 4 Toys get together hard rock artists to perform for a massive Christmas party. The only entrance fee is a $5 toy that will go to a child in need. The more toys you bring, the more entries you get into the Noise 4 Toys raffle, with a chance to win fantastic prizes.

Our strain recommendation: Cheddarhead, a bubbly sativa that will put you in a giggly mood perfect for eliminating social anxiety.

Bring some cheer to your Seattle holiday events. You can enjoy all of the strains featured here and more by visiting the American Mary dispensary website today or browse our online dispensary menu to view our wide range of other cannabis solutions.

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