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Looking to do something completely different in 2017? Well, American Mary highly recommends you come by our shop in the U-District, purchase one of our many fantastic pre-rolls, or whichever cannabis product puts you in a happy place and head out to Jello Underground at Evolv Fitness in Seattle.Jello Underground

What is Jello Underground you ask?

Well, it’s independent, woman-on-woman jello wrestling! Your feminist conscience can rest at ease as this show is the only underground jello-wrestling event on the West Coast produced completely by women! It’s not all about kicking ass, it’s also about slipping and sliding! Be amazed as wrestlers from around the region come together for vicious yet athletic and perhaps slightly erotic wrestling battles for the first championship title of 2017.

This event will be held at Evolv Fitness on South Lake Union in “the Brawl Room.” This facility boasts a regulation-size wrestling ring that the ladies of Jello Underground intend to temporarily cover in flying beads of green squishy dessert for your enjoyment.Jello Underground

Don’t be a wallflower once you arrive, the crowd is expected to yell, cheer, take jello shots and drink beer. Some lucky audience member might even get to become part of the show! Theatrics abound with this fiery ladies so we suggest a nice sativa product to keep you up and active.

American Mary is here and open daily to provide you with any cannabis needs you may have. Whether you smoke, dab, consume or apply this amazing green leaf, we have something in stock that will satisfy your pot palate.

Our helpful staff is always available to give recommendations and to help guide you toward your perfect high. With the help of American Mary pot shop, your trip to the Jello Underground will be memorable to say the least. We can guarantee that you’ll pay for the seat, but you’ll only need the edge!

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