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Ballard is renowned as one of Seattle’s hippest neighborhoods, boasting a wide variety of chic dining establishments and a plentiful assortment of entertainment options for visitors and locals alike to enjoy. From the beautiful sights of the Puget Sound to the neighborhood’s buoyant nightlife, residents of the area are awash with things to do in Ballard when stoned. Here are some signature activities anyone in Ballard can enjoy under the influence.

Ballard Breweries

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Like much of Seattle, Ballard is home to some of the finest restaurants in the state of Washington. Known for its eclectic taste, the area has something to offer for every foodie or gourmet palette in the Pacific Northwest. Ray’s Boathouse, for example, is an age-old favorite of the area, exemplifying the best of Seattle dining since 1945.

In a region famous for its massive selection of microbreweries, Ballard stands out as a home to authentic, passionate eateries. Many of the restaurants operating in Ballard’s commercial district have been recognized at both the state and national level. For those with a refined taste, a night out at one of Ballard’s restaurants might be more than worth it.

Ballard Farmers Market

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While you can find farmers markets across the city of Seattle, the Ballard Farmers Market located in the heart of the neighborhood provides residents with a weekly selection of organic food from the best farmers in Washington. Between fresh-caught seafood and a range of delicious vegetables, Ballard Farmers Market has all of the ingredients needed for any robust meal.

The Ballard Farmers Market is open every Sunday from 10AM to 3PM, making this a fun thing to do in Ballard with friends. The farmers market is also the perfect opportunity to show newcomers to the area the unique flavor of Ballard and all of the wonders possessed by this niche neighborhood.

Nordic Heritage Museum

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Source: Nordic Museum

Ballard’s Nordic Heritage Museum is a little-known gem among Seattle’s pantheon of museum choices for residents to enjoy. The Nordic Heritage Museum aims to elucidate centuries of Nordic history through its exhibits gathering artifacts, artwork, folktales and much more. Whether you are a history buff or are simply interested in Nordic culture, the museum makes for a fun thing to do in Ballard.

Presenting exhibits focused on Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Iceland, the Nordic Heritage Museum offers a full scope of Scandinavian culture and heritage in an accessible setting. With new events and showcases opening all the time, this important institution is worth at least one visit.

Ballard Festivals

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Source: My Ballard

Every year, multiple festivals grace the streets of Ballard to celebrate the neighborhood’s rich cultural influences and diverse industries. From the Norwegian cultural extravaganza of Synttende Mai, to showcases of the city’s craft brewing and seafood, it can be useful to check the local event calendar to see everything going on during the week.

Golden Gardens Park

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Considered one of the most pleasant parks in Seattle, Golden Gardens Park treats locals to a gorgeous view of the Puget Sound that won’t soon be forgotten. The park features a variety of amenities for visitors to enjoy, including a dog park and designated fishing areas.

Golden Gardens Park also has trails for hiking, perfect casual strolls while taking in the crisp air of the Pacific Northwest. Known as a frequent destination for locals in the area, visiting this park is a succinct reminder of all the reasons to love the state of Washington.

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