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If you are the kind of person who finds yourself depressed that there are ten more months till  Halloween, don’t despair, at Scarecrow Video it’s a fright fest all year round. Of course, everything is made even better by marijuana from American Mary, which is conveniently located on 45th in the U-District. So after you score some of Wallingford’s best bud, stop by and support the legendary, now nonprofit, Scarecrow Video to browse its ton of scary titles.

Now, since we know you need the right Seattle weed for your viewing pleasure, we have a few recommendations for you of films so scary and strains you good they may take from paranoid stoner, to permanently paranoid.

The Movie: A Girl Walks Home at Night (for fans of the original Let the Right One In and The Addiction) billed as “The first Iranian vampire Western” this already classic film shows the conflicted, emotional inner workings and bloodlust of a young female vampire who inadvertently gets mixed up in a drug deal gone bad..

The Bud: White Widow, naturally. At only ($50) for 14 grams at American Mary’s this hybrid will keep you on your mellow, yet alert and pairs well with this smart and scary flick.

Wallingford's Scarecrow Video - Near American MaryThe Movie: The Green Room  If Spinal Tap and From Dusk till Dawn had a baby it would be this indie hit about a band who have to fight their way out of a demonic rock club.  Oh, and it features Patrick Stewart for just a little more cred.

The Bud: Critical Plus, another hybrid that registers 3.5g ($55) that sports over a 22% THC count that will glue you to your seat and keep you film focused.

The Movie: Jaws (1975) Kick it old school with this classic that kept people out of the ocean for years to come. This performance driven flick is campy enough to elicit a few giggles while still packs a freak out factor.

The Bud: Shark Shock 50/50 CBD 3.5g ($40) this bud mixes the body effects of CBD with a THC kicker, perfect for the Jaws blend of humor and horror. Trust us, You’re going to need a bigger bowl.

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