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Saturday January 21st , from 10 am to 4 pm, grab your BFF and take all that pent-up anxiety over our political state and put it to good use—be a part of the Weed for Women’s (Womxn’s) March right here in downtown Seattle. You’ll be shoulder-to-shoulder with countless thousands of others in support of the non-support of Donald Trump. Timing is everything and this is officially the Washington State segment of the Million Women March, which happens simultaneously with the DC March.

Womens March SeattleWith the WomXn’s March, you’ll be part of something much greater than yourself. Since this is going to be a stimulating, physically-demanding and long day, you’ll need to put some thought into your preparation. It’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon, and for this, you should make sure you think of everything you’ll need when you’re out there making a difference. An occasion like the Million Women March demands only the best. You owe it to yourself to stop in at Seattle’s highest rated recreational marijuana shop, American Mary.

When only the best will do, get only quality products from the premier Seattle weed shop. Right now we have $8 grams of Durban Poison (also available as a wax and concentrate). We highly recommend this potent South African Sativa that is sweet-sweet-sweet and has a reputation for giving you that edge you need to go-go-go, because your feet are made for walking, and that’s just what they’ll do ….

Because when the reality of our pending new political regime has set in, you may have felt powerless, like your voice cannot be heard. But it can. Join your sisters to send an undisputable message to our unqualified, destructive 45th president. We are all in this together, each one of us pinching ourselves to wake from the bad dream or the cruel prank the universe is playing. Don’t let the dystopia just creep in – Do something about it.

Grab your BFF, or, “ALL women, femme, trans, gender non-conforming, and feminist people (including men and boys) …” and SHOW UP. Gift yourself with the supplies you’ll need from the divine Wallingford pot shop. Shop for your care pack and remember to get extra for your crew as sharing the goodies will plaster smiles high and wide across the beautiful faces of your animated sisters. May we recommend a few must-haves?

Here are a few American Mary items we recommend: Happiest Self Spray (mood balance) or Awake Spray Tincture (alert), Green Tea Peppermints (100mg sativa) (fresh breath is important always!), Coffe Mocha Legal Sparkling Soda (alert), oatmeal cookies (carbs) , granola blueberry (antioxidants), KN Koko Gems Peanut Butter 10 pack (protein), Pineapple Express preroll (re-game/variety), and Muscle Melt Spray or Salve (achy muscles).

Your bag is packed and you’re ready to disrupt a reality you won’t settle for. Never lose site of the significance of the Million Women’s March. You’re about to take part in history and remember: “…This march is a show of solidarity to demand our safety and health in a time when our country is marginalizing us and making sexual assault an electable and forgivable norm…”

He’s not your president. Exercise your right to express your opinion, peacefully. Join your sisters in the Million Women March, currently going viral and with countless other cities signing on.

Womxn’s March Washington State Seattle Facebook Page
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Map of the WomXn’s March Seattle Route

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