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Looking for something fun to do this weekend? Then American Mary suggests you check out the Pin-Ups on Tour show happening Sunday night at the High Dive. Swing through first, and we’ll be able to hook you up with flower, edibles, or extracts that’ll make it feel like you stepped through a time warp.

This high-energy variety act goes all out to replicate the kind of shows which kept our soldiers entertained during World War II, and everything from music, to sketch comedy, to choreographed dancing is on the menu. Pin-Ups on Tour is a trip into the romantic, bombastic culture of the ’40s, when our country was threatened by battles on two fronts, but citizens and soldiers still managed to remember to sing, dance, and forget their troubles. It’s the other side of the era’s grainy, grim, newsreels, and it’s a slice of American culture that helped shaped the country we are today.  

Over the past two years, the traveling troupe has earned rave reviews all across the country, so the Seattle stop is sure to be a patriotic good time. Fans of ‘40s fashion should be sure to attend, and previous engagements have seen many attendees get into the spirit by donning period garb. So if you’ve got a vintage a-line skirt, shirtwaist top, or vintage military uniform, this is a great chance to pull it out of the closet! Of course, the era of the Second World War was basically the Dark Ages for cannabis culture, but have no fear, as the friendly budtenders at American Mary will be able to suggest a strain or edible which will complement the performance perfectly, and make you feel like you’ve got an outsider’s edge.

In keeping with the theme of the performance, the Pin-Ups on Tour have made giving back to veterans a key part of their mission, and a percentage of the proceeds from every performance goes to helping current and former members of our military.

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