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What better way to kick off Halloween than to usher it in with your fellow brethren at the 26th annual Troll-o-Ween Extravaganza? It truly is one of the most revered occasions of the year as there is no limit to how much one can act like an imbecile. The celebration of Troll-o-ween is akin to receiving a free pass to let your freak flag fly. And it all starts at 7 p.m. on October 31st, at the home of the Troll.american-mary-troll-o-ween-2

For those of you living under a rock (no pun intended), that’s at North 36th and Troll Way. We’d be on the chopping block if we didn’t tell you to drop in before the show at everyone’s favorite UW marijuana shop, American Mary, and partake in our festive Halloween pre-roll specials.

Blaze up beforehand and let all traces of the daily grind get peeled away, layer by layer, as you prepare to land, with troll-side seating. Launch into full-on spectator mode as you drink in the evening’s entertainment on the stage, which consists of such high-brow performances as Dante’s Inferno and Dr. Faust, on top of musicals, comedy, drama and other live theater—all inspired by Fremont’s own beloved troll.american-mary-troll-o-ween-1

If you’re itching to join the drama as it unfolds in front of you, wait till 8 p.m., when you’ll get your chance to get in on the Troll-o-Ween action as you and your fellow merrymakers are encouraged to rush the stage and then march around Fremont with musical accompaniment for this year’s Haunt of Fremont.

Before the procession heads over to Fremont Doric Hall for Troll-a-GoGo, it’s time for a little trick or treat. The trick is to anonymously drop by everyone’s favorite crowd pleaser, Wallingford’s American Mary, for some re-upping of supplies. The treats are too many to name, but they can take the form of candy, flowers or a variety of specially-crafted confections. Remember, Hallow’s eve is upon us and such a festive occasion as Troll-o-Ween may just require us to break out the heavy artillery.

Once you make it to the dance party and costume contest at Troll-a-GoGo, you’ll be that much happier for imbibing. The Fremont Troll wouldn’t have it any other way.

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