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Woohoo! It’s Memorial Day Weekend, and you know what that means: three days off of work to party. (The original intent of the holiday, of course, is to honor the men and women who died defending our freedom. So when you spark up that fatty, don’t forget to take a minute to honor those heroes who served.) But, when you do go out to celebrate the extended weekend, hitting up some BBQs, going out on the town, and maybe being high in public, you’ll want to remember a couple of other things:

Don’t drive drunk or stoned. There are more car crash fatalities on Memorial Day than any other day of the year. Take a Lyft or Uber.

Don’t be stupid. If you plan on partaking in the magic herb — and who isn’t planning to, Mr. Attorney General? — follow a few rules to make sure you don’t celebrate the weekend with a big fat fine. Despite it being legal, it is still illegal to consume marijuana in view of the public.

Fortunately, long gone are the days when our only option was puffing the magic dragon with a pipe, bong, or God-forbid, a carved apple. We have options — lots of them!

We’ve put together a list of a few ways to imbibe discreetly. (And, hey, with the money you saved avoiding a fine, you can donate to a veterans group.)

Being High Public Meme Jennifer Aniston

1. Get (Java & Ganja) Buzzed!

Start out the day right with a cup of cannabis-infused cold-brewed coffee. At American Mary, we’ve got a deliciously uplifting single serve Mocha Coffee from Catapult. Get your buzz on the right way — Caffeine + THC = Heaven.

Catapult infused a balanced blend of 9.85% THC and .75% CBD, a stellar combo that won’t get you too high to make the most of your day! There are few other ways that are more discreet than getting high on coffee! And, who’s kidding who? What a way to start the day! Being high in public has never been so easy!

If you like your java, but Mocha Coffee isn’t your thing (or you’d prefer a different amount of THC or CBD), not to worry! Pick up an AM Relief 300 or CBD 20:1 tincture. Or, if you’d like it on the spicy side, you’ll love our new Sriracha Tincture. Yes, that Sriracha! Try it; you’ll thank us later!

2. Keep a One-Hitter Pipe Handy

Ah, the one-hitter! Being high in public at one time, the one-hitter was once the only discreet way to consume. While vapes and vape pens may be more popular, we weren’t always so blessed with other technologies.

The one-hitter is convenient when you’re on the move. You can pack it even more discreetly in your pocket than many vaporizers. It’s always good to keep one as a standby. It’s not a bad idea to keep a grinder handy, too, or you can just go old-school, and break up your bud the old-fashioned way — with your fingers!

And, of course, one-hitters are still cheap as heck, so you can buy a few and store them strategically in various places that are easy to access. Keep one in your pocket, your backpack, or the trunk of your car (or all three places). One toke of some Durban Poison and you’re off to the races.

3. Use a Vaporizer or Vape Pen

Vapes have become a mainstay in our culture — not just for weed, but to replace cigarettes, too. Sure, a good vaporizer can be a little spendy, but it’s worth it to invest in a good one. The higher end ones really allow you to appreciate the flavor of the flower (unlike the vaporizers that first came on the market a few years back).

There are many great brands these days, so do your research, talk to friends and try a few out. Of course, you really can’t go wrong with a Firefly, a PAX or IndigoPro. All are great and it really just comes down to personal preference. We have several different vape cartridges to choose from on our online menu. To check them out, just type in “cart” in the “Search Products” box at the top of our menu and you will be brought to all the vape cartridges we currently have in stock.

Reminder: Keep Your Eyes Out for Our Memorial Day Deals!

Well, there you go! You should have a few good ideas to make this Memorial Day a blast! And, of course, we have to remind everyone: stay safe and don’t drive if you plan to imbibe in cannabis or alcohol.

Be sure to keep an eye out for our special Memorial Day deals. We’ll definitely be running some great specials. Watch the deal page and our menu for the latest specials.

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Our products have intoxicating effects and may be habit forming. Marijuana can impair concentration, coordination, and judgment. Do not operate a vehicle or machinery under the influence of this drug. There may be health risks associated with consumption of cannabis infused products. For use only by adults twenty-one and older. Keep out of the reach of children.